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By Phil Heeley & David Ashworth

Here at Inclusive Music we understand the pressure on Teachers’ time. We know how difficult it is to quickly find high quality resources that will fit into the curriculum without hours of extra work.


There’s plenty of resources out there but that’s part of the problem – which one do you choose?  Thankfully we have done the work for you:

We create online downloadable books, incorporating step-by-step video tutorials within a sound educational framework

We choose the best and suggest where and how they can support the currculum or the student

We research and try out hundreds of music apps

All you have to do is connect your iPad or Mac to a projector and let the expert take you and your students through the learning process together

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What Teacher’s say about our “GarageBands for Schools” iBook & Training

Find our GarageBands for Schools Tutorials Here:

“GarageBand for Schools” on the iPad is the ultimate music education resource for teachers and students everywhere. It is the aim of the book to build the confidence of the teacher enabling them to develop their own skills and ability in using Music Technology and by doing so incorporate it into their teaching and consequently enhancing the musical learning of their students. Bringing together flexibility and fun in easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials, backed up with sound educational content, “GarageBand for Schools” will engage and motivate students and empower teachers to use iPads in a constructive and creative way.

Introducing “GarageBand For Schools”

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