No matter what the ability or disability we have something for everybody to allow them to participate in the wonderful world of music

Learn from Inclusive Music with our quick video tutorials for visual learners who would rather watch a video then read a manual

CPD and Training tailored to the needs of Teachers, Schools, Hubs, Music Services and Organisations involved in delivering Music to their Clients

Inclusive Music is here to empower top industry professionals  you to teach online and has the tools and resources to do so

Inclusive Music Academy: Turn Your iPad Into an Entire Music Creating Studio

The Best-Selling Video Tutorial Resource for teaching Songwriting on the iPad” – “Access for All” A real Musical Experience for Children – Composing, Recording, Improvising and Performing.

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What is Music Techonology?

It’s been my mission and my passion whilst teaching for the last 30 years, to develop ways to enable anyone and everyone to record, play and perform together.  I do this using Music Technology and Assistive Technology.


In this video I demonstrate that small groups, ensembles and whole classes, can perform and improvise together as a technology orchestra using just one laptop and over 24 devices including a banana! No matter what your ability or disability everything is programmed to sound harmonious guaranteeing success and increased self-esteem.


I use variations on this setup when working with young children, teenagers, adults, people with special needs & disabilities and the elderly. It’s important to have the right tools for the job, the right equipment, sounds, and instruments while being flexible enough to incorporate the interests and needs of the individual.

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CPD For Teachers, Schools, & Music Organizations

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Taught by our industry experts our online training tutorials offer video instructions to take the teacher and student on learning journey at their own pace.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - SEND

“Access for All – Quality Music Making for Pupils with Special Needs and Disabilities”

For many of the children we work with it will have been their first experience and amazing to watch. Generally we see increased self confidence, better modds, and developing life skills such as team work, working together, and interacting with other students.

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Utilize our start of the art free course design that will allow you to create and sell your own course on our platform.

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About Inclusive Music – Our Mission & Vision

We believe in the incredible power of music and through this, the potential for self-expression, growth and fulfillment. We endeavor to enable access to these essential human needs and have witnessed the healing and joy it brings.

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Just a few of our Inclusive Music Expert Instructors

Inclusive Music was formed to bring the expert into the classroom. Read More

Founder, Musician, Educator, Music Technologist, Trainer, Director
Phil Heeley

Phil believes in the incredible power of music and through this, the potential for self-expression, growth and fulfillment.

Curriculum Expert
David Ashworth

David Ashworth has been helping teachers and their students use music technology effectively for over 20 years.

Christine Willoughby

Christine’s career has been devoted to music education, her main instrument is her voice

Clarinettist, Teacher, Trainer
Ben Sellers

Like his workshop leader heroes, he sees the music workshop as a space for personal and social transformation.

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